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b'For the safety operation, it abides national standard safety operation procedures GB6067-85 of China. This type equipment can be single beam type and double beam model, you can choose based on your factory condition. Single girder overhead crane can lift capacity under 20 ton. And double girder type is able to carry objects of 450 tons maximally.'

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b'Jun 29, 2020 \xc2\xb7 The monorail is a device that can make two movements, vertically (up/down) on the X-axis and moves horizontally along the monorail beam. if an additional trolley is installed on the hoist so that it can move horizontally, it is called a monorail hoist. Monorail beams can be adjusted to the area and turn in radius using a special trolley that can rotate following the monorail track.'

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b'Sep 22, 2016 \xc2\xb7 Traveling mechanism of the overhead monorail crane. Single beam monorail crane operation structure is composed of a motor, a reducer, a wheel group composition, the wheel is a forged 45#. Along with heat treatment the hardness to tread Hb is equal to or more than 330 ~ 390, deep 20mm Hb is equal to or more than 260.'

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b'We are leading in single beam overhead crane suppliers in India when it comes to cranes we provide the best in each crane. We work with quality material and guarantee our work for the cranes. ... 1t. to 10t. Cap., up to 50-meter span and required Height of lift (for Higher Capacity and span please consult us) ... 20 meters per minute (micro ...'

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b'The lifting capacity of HD single beam crane is generally 1-20 tons, span is 7.5-31.5 meters, working level is a3-a6, working environment temperature is \xe2\x80\x93 20 \xe2\x84\x83 ~ + 40 \xe2\x84\x83, relative humidity of air is not more than 85% (environment temperature is + 25 \xe2\x84\x83), and there is no environment condition of inflammable, explosive and corrosive medium.'

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b'The controls in the single beam overhead crane are usually wireless remote control and ground wire remote control because of the light lifting weight. Double Beam Overhead Crane. Double beam overhead cranes are supplied in our company and it is a kind of heavy duty overhead cranes which is able to lift the heavy goods in a very high weight.'

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b'Per Dupont Standard DB1X - "Design and Installation of Monorail Beams" Lbo = 3*Lo 3. Per ANSI MH27.1 - "Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems" Lbo = 2*Lo 4. Per British Steel Code B.S. 449, pages 42-44 (1959) Lbo = 2*Lo (for top flange of monorail beam restrained at support) Lbo = 3*Lo (for top flange of monorail beam unrestrained at support) 5.'

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b'Monorail cranes are most effective in production applications where materials are repetitively moved from one point to another. The monorail hoist and trolley run on a single stationary beam-a cost-effective alternative to bridge or gantry cranes for applications that require limited lifting capacity.'