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b'AQ-JMM friction type electric winch. The JMM winch is suitable for long-distance traction and large-stroke lifting of various large and extra large concrete, steel structures and steel cables. It offers constant wire rope speed and stable lifting. Friction winch is commonly found in various road and bridge'

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b'It can also serve as a hoist winch on derricks and cranes. AQ-JKL type electric winch is a sort of vertical lifting winch widely applied in construction sites, mining areas, factories and ports. It is especially suitable for free fall punching and piling operations in bridge, dock and building foundation engineering.'

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b"High quality Heavy Duty Single Beam Overhead Crane to Heavy Machine for Shops , Paper Mills from China, China's leading design overhead crane product, with strict quality control overhead electric cranes factories, producing high quality overhead electric cranes products."

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b'According to loading capacity, gantry bridge crane can be divided into two types, small crane and heavy lift crane. With advanced technology, professional experience, customized service, Our company, a reliable gantry cranes manufacturer, can design types of cranes with various tons, such as 1 ton, 2 ton, 5'

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b'Two different types of electric winch system 1. AQ-JM type electric control slow winch. The AQ-JM series powered winch of motor 240v electric winch machine mainly refers to the heavy duty electric winch 120v system with a gear reducer, used for hoisting pull, unloading, push and drag the weight. We can see these ...'

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b'20 ton overhead crane or bridge crane is used for lifting heavy items. We can often find it in the warehouse, workshop, assembly factory, and many other places. 20 ton bridge crane has a strong loading capacity, stable performance, and high efficiency. 20 Ton Overhead Crane \xe2\x80\x93 Reliable Overhead Crane'

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b'Electric winch is a commonly used lifting and pulling device in many engineering projects. Generally, for land construction, the most winch adopts electricity as power source. If necessary, power source of some engine winch machine could be hydraulic type and diesel type, we use to call this kind of winch as'

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b'With a range of around 25 LTM cranes, from a small two-axle to the large 9-axle model, we have the right crane to suit every requirement. We continue to work on developing our cranes all the time \xe2\x80\x93 VarioBase\xc2\xae, VarioBallast\xc2\xae, the LICCON crane control system and telematics are just some of the innovations from \xe2\x80\x93'