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b'This flexible power supply is offered in 100 and 125 amps for your crane electrification needs. The latest additions to the U-S Safety Trolley line\xe2\x80\x93PowerGlide and TightWire\xe2\x80\x93are also used for crane electrification, and are available in 90 amps. With simplistic, lightweight designs, these systems were created with easy transport, installation and maintenance in mind; creating the perfect jib crane and gantry crane power supply \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'HFP56 Copper Enclosed Insulated Conductor Rail Current Collector, Similar with Wampfler Boxline 0842, Conductor Rail, Powerails, Conductor Bar, Bus Bar, DSL System, Conductor Trolley Bar, IGS . Application . The ranges of applications of HFP Power Rail Enclosed Conductor System. Overhead and elongated tracks for cranes.'

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b'73030090. Overhead Crane Conductor Rail System. Introduction: The JDC-H conductor rail system is a modern power supply system using single-pole insulated conductor rails. It complies with the latest regulations and provides the electric energy for mobile consumers. The conductor rail \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Mar 11, 2019 \xc2\xb7 The unique pole insulated conductor rail is made of aluminum alloy conductor or copper bar conductor, which has good electrical conductivity and low electrical resistivity. In additional, the outer housing is made of high-insulation engineering plastic, which provides a guarantee for extending the service life of the sliding wire and improving ...'

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b'Finger safe single pole insulated power feed system; Conductive material: galvanized steel, copper; Collectors: Insulated contact heads that hold the replaceable shoes are mounted on spring loaded arms; Insulating covers of PVC meet all requirements for electric insulation; Main applications. Overhead cranes; Automated storage and retrieval ...'

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b'Feb 14, 2018 \xc2\xb7 In January 2005, revisions were made to NEC Article 610.61, published by the National Fire Protection Association, with new requirements for how an overhead crane\xe2\x80\x99s electrification system should be sufficiently grounded. First and foremost, this was a safety amendment. A ground conductor bar gives a clean return path for excess power in an electrical circuit, which helps helps to prevent:'

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b'3. Crane Bar (Trolley Bar, Bus Bar and Power Conductor Bar) with the amperage ranging from 60A up to 3200A; being classified into 3 types, a) Insulated Peanut Type, b) Insulated Aluminum Heavy Bar Type, and c) Copper-Headed Steel Rail Type, which have been designed for the respective use of general manufacturing shop, warehouses, steel mill ...'

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b'HS code. 8431490000. Product Information. *** Types of Crane Busbar Systems (Trolly Bar, Power Conductor Bar) ***. a) Copper Headed steel Rail Type (300A-3200A)/Copper/6m per pc. - Suitable for heavy duty type of overhead cranes running at steel mills exposed to high temperature. b) Insulated Peanut Type (60A-300A)/Copper/3m per pc.'