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b'2016-6-1\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Double girder crane (DG): An overhead traveling bridge crane that utilizes two bridge beams set \xe2\x80\xa6 Top Running Double Beam Girder Drawing. Read More. American Crane & Equipment Corp. \xe2\x80\x93 Supplier of address, and \xe2\x80\xa6 Lifting Machinery 20 Ton Double Girder Bridge with picture from Henan Hercules \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'2012-6-24\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x822) Double Girder Bridge Cranes - The crane consists of two bridge girders supported on two end trucks. The trolley runs on rails on the top of the bridge girders. 3) Gantry Cranes - These cranes are essentially the same as the regular overhead cranes except that'

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b'2018-1-9\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Double-girder overhead travelling crane with box-section girder (ZKKE) Gentle handling and precisely positioned loads thanks to infinitely variable speed control. 4 39559 40242-6 \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'With the option of both single girder and double girder gantry cranes, we can tailor a solution for your lifting needs. Modular Crane is Australia\xe2\x80\x99s leading manufacturer of overhead cranes. For lifting requirements of less than 25 tonnes, we can provide single girder configurations that boast features including spans of up to 26 metres.'

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b'2021-5-28\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82girder double girder double girder crane dg an overhead traveling bridge crane that utilizes two bridge beams set top running double beam girder drawing, crane hook crane hook is a \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'2020-4-18\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Overhead Crane Structural Details CAD Template DWG. Overhead crane, commonly known as crane bridges, is a type of crane found in an industrial environment. Overhead crane consists of a runway parallel to the bridge spanning the gap. The crane lifts the crane to the bridge. If the bridge is rigorously supported on a two-legged stand above the ...'

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b'2014-12-18\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Overhead Crane Autocad Drawing Free Download, Best Way Drawing, Overhead Crane Autocad Drawing Free Download ... Thursday, December 18, 2014. Overhead Crane Autocad Drawing Free Download 1 Specification For Double Girder 10 Ton Electric Overhead. 2d Autocad Practice Drawing Youtube. 15 Cad Blocks And Files For Playground Equipment Archdaily ...'

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b'Dearborn Overhead Cranes has 60 Years of experience in Bridge Cranes, Gantry Cranes, Jib Cranes and Hoists. Overhead Bridge Cranes are not rocket science, but they are strictly controlled by OSHA, CMAA, NEC and several other specifications. Our goal is to provide the most informative site about Overhead Bridge Cranes anywhere on the web.'