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b'The Lightweight Xtra Deepfield Copper Electromagnet (LXDC) is manufactured specially for scrapyards where overhead cranes are used to process material and high performance is a necessity. These copper-wound electromagnets are more robust than most comparable aluminum-wound magnets and are more ,'

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b'Electromagnetic Lifter / Scrap Lifting Electromagnets. Jaykrishna magnetic is the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic lifters. It is yet another lifting equipment utilizing the magnetic property towards shifting of heavy objects. Our special lifter is designed to \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b"Electromagnets are used in all kinds of electric devices, including hard disk drives, speakers, motors, and generators, as well as in scrap yards to pick up heavy scrap metal. They're even used in MRI machines, which utilize magnets to take photos of your insides!"

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b'Scrap metal and rebars lying around on sites can be a safety hazard. The iron and steel may cause flat tires on the trucks and damage to equipment such as crushers and conveyer belts. With our scrap lifting magnet you can collect this scrap metal effectively and protect both your workforce and your equipment.'

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b'Permanent magnetic lifter use new type and high performance Nd-Fe-B magneticmaterial. It is characterized by its smaller and lighter weight. ... Metallurgical magnetic chuck, Metal magnetic chuck, Waste magnetic chuck, Steel magnet, Lifting scrap steel with magnetic chuck, electromagnetic .'

How an Industrial Scrap Magnet Will Practically Pay for Itself

b'Jun 17, 2021 \xc2\xb7 With a flip of the switch, your industrial scrap magnet will be able to hoist up the naturally magnetic metals and alloys for easy sorting, leaving behind non-ferrous metals (metals than contain no iron) that pay off big with recyclers. Even the low per-pound returns on steel add up in high \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Magnetic Lifters Available with us is a wide range of Magnetic Lifters that is known for compact designs and light weight. Made using magnets and fine grade metals, these ensure excellent performance, high functional life, corrosion resistance, sturdiness and reliability. We \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Lifting Magnet. electrically switched electro lifting magnet LMW1. for scrap metal for round cables for metal scrap handling. electrically switched electro lifting magnet. for scrap handling circular. electrically switched permanent lifting magnet Bandly. handling. electrically switched electro lifting magnet. for materials handlers.'