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b'Features. 1.MW5 Series magnet to lift steel scraps,round type,dia.from 700 to 2400mm 2. MW61 Series magnet to lift steel scraps,elliptic type,length from 1400 to 3000mm 3.MW12 Series magnet to lift bundled steel bar,square type,length from 1100 to 1800mm 4.MW22 Series to ingot, square type,length from 800 to 2500mm. 5.MW42 Series to and profile 6.'

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glossaire de terminologie technique automobile …

b'glossaire de terminologie technique automobile francais'

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b'The reverse function reverses the contents of a container, contained in < algorithm> In the library. 1. Function prototype The reverse function is equivalent to the following code:'

duro pellets twists

b'duro pellets twists'

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b'2013-2-4\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82BILLET, tarugo, palanquilha; barra grossa para laminao, geralmente quadrada, de 2 x 2 at 5 x 5 [Cf. bloom]. and skelp mill, laminador de tiras para fabricao de tubos com costura, a partir de tarugos. bloom e forge crops, pontos descartados de tarugos, blocos e forjados.'

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b'The permanent magnet ferrites are also called ceramics and they are mixtures of ferric oxide and an oxide of a divalent heavy metal, usually barium or strontium. These ferrites are made by mixing together barium or strontium carbonate with iron . 36 Materials for electrical engineering . Table 3.2 Characteristics of permanent materials'


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