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b'Such Round type to Scrap, High Temperature Square Type for Billet, Several Magnet Synchronous to lift long materials such as: Bundled rebar, Coiled bar, Steel Pipe and Steel Plate. Circular lifting electromagnet is suitable for transferring cast ingots, steel balls, metal and steel scraps. The'

Overhead Crane with Electromagnetic Beam

b'Overhead crane with electromagnetic beam is a specialized crane for lifting and moving steel products, steel plates and steel pipes. This crane is constituted by girder, traveling mechanisms, lifting trolley, electric parts and electromagnet spreader. The electromagnetic suction force of this overhead crane can 10 .'

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b'What is electromagnetic overhead crane? It is a lifting equipment that uses electromagnetism to transport steel items. The magnet is an important part of this crane. The current is on, electromagnet can firmly stick to the iron and steel items, and lift the material to the pointed place.'

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b'Features The circular lifting crane magnet is applicable to the fixed span at indoors or outdoors of steel mill, shipyard, port, yard and storage, etc. It is used for loading, unloading and carrying steel plate, profile steel, and spool, etc. It is especially applicable to \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Electric Circular 2ton 5 Tons Steel Scraps Lifting Electromagnet Crane Magnet. Circular Lifting Magnet can handle tones of scrap continuously throughout the day. they can lift steel more quickly and . \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'ELECTRO FLUX Excavator Electro Lifting Magnet mounting arrangement overcomes the problem which can work in any open yards were the overhead cranes cannot be used. Excavator Electro Lifting Magnet'

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b"II. Magnet Handling Overhead Bridge Crane Features 1. Material: All compression structural part of crane's components chosen material with fine quality and meet regulation.The important material has . 2. : 70% , 5% ..."

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b'The lifting capacity of the electromagnetic overhead crane included the weight of electromagnetic is 5 to 50 ton. The rated lifting weight including the magnetic chuck set weight. The working class of'