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b'Double girder material handling overhead cranes: Double girder material handling overhead cranes are made for the heavy weights. Generally speaking, material handling cranes in double girder can be seen as the heavy duty overhead crane which will improve the working efficiency and make more profit.. According to the different lifting styles, the cranes consist of overhead crane with hook ...'

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b'Warehouse overhead crane is suitable for handling raw materials or manufactured goods that are stored in the warehouses. Steel mill crane is a kind of process crane used in steel mills to lift and transport hot liquid ladle. Due to high heat environments, the crane girder will adopt insulation treatment.'

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b'20 ton overhead crane in our company is a kind of heavy-duty overhead crane. 20 ton overhead cranes are widely used in the construction site, warehouse, factory, workshop and so on. Because of the high rating load, the cranes have a high working efficiency. As a ,'

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b'CUSTOM - 20 Ton Advantage Double Girder Top Running Bridge Crane. BRAND: Crane Depot Inventory: In Stock'

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b'Various Types and Wide Applications of Material Handling Overhead Crane. It has good work process and operational efficiency. Our company can provide the customers with free standing overhead crane, ceiling mounted overhead crane, workstation overhead crane.Of course, we can also offer the single girder and double girder overhead crane structure.'

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b'Overhead cranes or bridge cranes, as they are sometimes referred to, are the heart of our business and we offer a wide range of solutions up to 200 tonnes lifting capacity. All of our single and double girder cranes use pre-engineered components where possible \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b"MMH - Double Girder Top Running Bridge Crane | 20 Ton x 42'. Basic InformationManufacturer: MMH. Hoist: Deshazo Model 752048 S/N 12542 (1996). Hoist Speed (Variable): Up To 24 \xe2\x80\xa6"

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b'Double girder overhead crane Q=20t Double girder overhead crane Q=20/25t Single girder overhead crane ... expertise and implementation of comprehensive technical solutions in the field of welding equipment used in the production of advanced steel structures in the production of machines, industry equipment and vehicles. ...'